Welcome to the Region of Sakrit, an ancient collection of single city states, once fraught with war before the Second Calamity, now settled into an uneasy region of trade and lost hope.  The campaign follows three adventurers:

Tarlord DeBarra-Grey (LE Human Wizard 9)
Kairos AKA Despair (TN Tiefling Paladin 5/Sorcerer 1)
Sol (TN Human Rogue 6)

Sakria: Once a shining jewel at the centre of the region, is now little more than a small town, with ancient ruins pertaining to a once greater time. The people are xenophobic, small-minded and fiercely devoted to their land. Oft raided by orcs from the frozen north, plagued by the machinations of a powerful sorcerer and haunted by their own, grand mausoleum, they are a sturdy folk but how long can they last?

Qa'Vosh: Beyond the Arkhade Pass and originally Sakria's first foray into the Dragon controlled Arkhiada desert, is now the tentative truce between two peoples. Whilst independent, Sakrian emissaries still come to Qa'Vosh mostly for trade but also to maintain some presence, whilst the Goldscales, a force of Golden Half-Dragons on the floating island known in common as the Sky Dune, police the human city. Meanwhile the locals want nothing more than to carry on with their lives and make a living in the harsh climes. In a stinking, melting pot of a city, it's little wonder that the Brotherhood of Qa'Tu, terrorists who seek emancipation from what they call the Azalla regime, as well as corruption within and without, are threatening to bring the city to its knees. Can the Azalla family finally bring greatness to Qa'Vosh or will it merely amount to nothing?

Everarden: A great city in decline. Saved by Haldemar, since the Second Calamity they have proclaimed there gods to be dead, but the sacrifice of their chief deity saved them from the Naether, a wholly corrupting influence of wild, chaotic magic bent on corrupting and twisting what is normal to what is weird and deadly. Physically cut off from all sides bar one, the Naether closes in around the city except through their river, where trade is admitted. Formerly part of the Kingdom of Grenlanna to the south, after being cut off, they became independent. Then the Giant Wars happened. Twisted by chaotic magic, these giants attempted to destroy the city, but were eventually fought off by renowned sorcerer Cor Culghyll and his faithful silver dragon Vorlianth. Yet whilst the giants were fended off, they were not defeated, so the city enjoys what peacetime they can afford, meanwhile the corruption of the Naether threatens to spread, the economic collapse caused by the Giant Wars have caused a wider gap between the poorer Northside and Southside creating a unruly divide, and orders run rampant in the shadows attempting to ruin the secret that the city has kept all this time.

Wissenruhl: A bastion of dwarven civilization, made up predominantly of hill dwarves, it boasts a clear class divide but also industry. Perhaps the most untouched of the city states, Wissenruhl is a place of construction, ingenuity and invention on the edge of the dwarven kingdom of Karamalakos. It is well defended and regulated, but deep in the mines, they have unearthed a secret that cannot be contained. Their mountain kin pressure them to join the kingdom rather than remain independent and the "rat plague" festers, turning half of Wissenruhl into a quarantine that threatens to destroy the proud city. Is Wissenruhl fated to implode?

And then there are the civilizations on the fringes of civilized culture, Cael-Nazizi (Nazizi's Pact) as the origin of tiefling culture is a dark sanctum of infernal magic. Ramet'Cha, the city of Half-Dragons and dragonborn and their gold dragon Aurazil, cannot brook the childish meandering of these lesser races. The orcs of Evawintra are a proud, noble but bloodthirsty lot, well trained reavers who take what they need to survive the deadly winters of a perpetually dark land.


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