Cailean Le Corre

Half Elf Bard of the College of Esteridge


Cailean sports salt-and-pepper hair, a thin goatee and a fine fashion sense, suggestive but tasteful. Whilst having a slight frame and slightly pointed ears, he certainly has an athleticism about him. His voice is a soaring tenor and every word seems slightly musical.


Cailean’s background remains a mystery, though all know he is well travelled. Whilst it is clear he once belong to the Bardic College of Esteridge, purveyors of knowledge and history, that college was destroyed with the rest of Loston. All that anyone knows of him, now, is that he gathered the dying and injured from Winstone, as well as any healers he could find, and created a caravan of refugees hoping to help others. Whilst he has an inflated ego, and something of a god complex, his heart is in the right place, and behind his bravado, is the spirit of a man who has lost everything. Yet still he fights.

Cailean Le Corre

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