Speak No Evil
Story so far...

Despair, Davan and Tarlord

Tarlord awoke in the caravan and met Cailean. He had lost his most prized possession, the staff that contained his wife Lilith. Having found out it was stolen by a man in the camp, he asked Cailean for help, in exchange, he would be contracted to work with Cailean and help them as a guard to find a new place to stay. Agreement made, Tarlord followed Cailean's instruction and headed to the remnant of Winstone.  His first encounter, he found a "necromancer" who turned out to be nothing but a con man eaten alive by zombies. Fleeing, he met Davan, a distant traveler and the two joined forces. They then met the staff thief, and amongst the rubble, fought many times against the man, who showed signs of training in Druidcraft and Monkhood. Along the way they came across Despair, a paladin whose master seemed sick and dying of some curse. It also seemed like the ruins had become infested with undead at every turn, a byproduct of Tarlord's former necromantic potency.

Whilst in the ruins, they discovered their was one point of safety in the city, the Archmage's Tower, but its power was dwindling. Seeking a way in, they came across an organizing of werecreatures in the sewers and a collection of mages who remained od the former academy were locked in combat. Diffusing the situation somewhat, they discovered the weremen had stolen the key to enter the Archmages Tower but needed mages to empower the crystal who were too stubborn and self serving to help. Finally working together, they entered the tower and in a 12 hour long ritual, the crystal was empowered. Here they had one more encounter with the staff thief, who gave up the staff as a gesture of goodwill. He implored them to help him find a staff, one that was destined to allow the wielder to communicate with the lost Goddess of Good. Struggling with the choice, the bad blood proved too much, and when the weremen appeared to be working in tandem with the staff thief, they left.

Things went from bad to worse as they discovered two armies now resided in the city. A Death Knight commanded the undead from the throne room of the palace, and a goblinoid army had long been staging an attack on Loston, creating a series of tunnels that stretched hundreds of miles with innumerable amounts of siege weaponry and manpower. Forced to leave, but with more time for refugees to escape, they rejoined the caravan and headed north towards the port city of Stockpoole.

The journey to Stockpoole took weeks but upon finally arriving, they discovered the upper part had mostly been destroyed, but the lower sections, built into the face of the cliff was alive and well. There was a power vaccuum in Loston, and three factions sought to fill it. The Red Sashes, a organisation of mages who dealt in magical items, want to pour their funds Stockpoole's coffers but in return, they would pull the strings of the mayor Adelas Stockpoole. The Shada Conclave, ambassadors of a foreign power, were completing acts of goodwill in the city, though little about them was known, whilst Adelas just wanted his people to be safe. The party arrived with Cailean, whose influence on the caravan had turned him into a figure to be worshipped, helped by Tarlord's gentle persuasion. The party created a union with Cailean and the Red Sashes, persuading Adelas to work with them to recreate Loston. Whilst Davan looked after the injured, Tarlord created a school for the magically gifted and Despair worked on forming a militia. 

Months later, their ally Davan was found dead in his room. They chased the culprit to the tower of the Shada Conclave and discovered shadow magic at play. Upon defeating one of their prime leaders, they chased the murderer through a portal which took them to a dark room. The portal had vanished. They were trapped in this new place, but two things occured. Whilst in the portal, a year passed for Tarlord, whose full power returned to him as was foretold by a crone playing with cards, and they met a strange man in the room named Sol, telling them they were in Qa'Vosh and needed to flee with him, as the members of the Twilit Tower do not take kindly to strangers. That was when they heard the sound of angry voiced and footsteps coming straight towards them from behind the door.

Roll initiative…

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