Culture of Qa-Vosh

<meta />Day to day life – Most activity in Qa’Vosh occurs before dawn, early morning and evening as well as dusk and after sunset. During the midday hours, Vosheen  stay inside, sleeping or resting away from the sun, enjoying iced teas and other a result, the nightlife is more active than daylight hours. So early morning start with the more strenuous chores that are difficult to do in the sun. Everyone goes to Samuqan’s temple at dawn to lament the fall of the moon and pay respect to the rise of the sun. Early morning is a time for socialising. After the midday rest, evening begins the time for work. This is when most places are open for business into the very early hours of the morning. At sunset, another service to Samuqan is held, much more joyous than the morning service. During Sangeet, the Dustward who are the Sentarrim for Sangasu, take watch over the city and battle sandstorms.


Times of Day:
Delfor: 7-10am
Sangeet: 10-6pm
Delaft: 6-9pm
Qaraft: 9-2am
Nal: 2-4am

Rites of Passage - 

Housing: The primary type of housing are buildings with many floors and layers, arches and bridges dominating the skyline creating user walkways so that people's feet rarely have to touch the hot baked bound, where most of the homeless stay. However it does create large swathes of cool shade, some of which have become popular resorts and meeting spots. Often several families can live in one building and each one has a patch of land where most Vosheen keep goats, sheep and camels, those who are well off might have a well or even a pond but all have at least one fig tree.
Fashion: sporting function over flavour, “fashion” in qa’vosh amounts to little more than wearing long woolen robes called barracs with attached turbans and sandals strapped to the foot. the richer folk wear pleated robes with sashes and cloaks and the richest wear cloth of gold. Jewelry is most prominent amongst nobility.

Rites of Passage -
Coming of Age Often young adults (around 16-19) leave the oasis in one or many large caravans to find allies, gather news and trade goods/promote their city. They will ordinarily travel for about a year, learning what they can in the world on their own and together before returning to put what they have learnt to good use.


Culture of Qa-Vosh

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