<meta />Qa'Vosh has many an inn, as a key part of the Sacred Road, a trade road that links Everarden, to Sakria, to Qa’vosh and beyond in the Arkhiada Desert, Qa'vosh is the first foray and thus, a prime place to stock up one’s supplies before venturing in the desert proper. Once an extension of Sakria’s laws, the intervention of Ramet’Cha changed that, and it is now a tentative relationship between the three cities.

There are 3 central inns:

The Dusty Petal - Owned by Akuun Wasibi, every week, they hold poetry readings. Akuun holds regular martial arts lessons in his sizeable basement for local youths and his building has a very Sakrian feels, with low tables, pillows for seats, and a selection of iced teas for his custom. The walls are made of paper and wood the bedrooms small, with direct entry to the beautiful Acacia Gardens.
Akuun – Son of Ayukan Wasibi  in Sakria, he is a slow and careful man, with a Shaved head, deeply tanned skin and a thin goatee, a great monk, he is a generous soul.

Tallow Scale Tavern – Chrismet Morgaray the Silver Dragonborn, never intended for his tavern to vecome and Inn, but when he moved to Qa’vosh, intent upon sharing the special Ramet’Cha delicacies with the.human folk, he found there was certainly a customer base furniture, and so his large, open room, filled with ice sculptures, a fountain surrounding it, a floor to dance on and many tables for eating, he created a long outhouse on stilts made to house any who wished to. Stay. He overcharges mostly, but his quality cannot be understated, and whilst others merchant sell Ramet’Cha ingredients, only he sells the full, unadulterated meals. 
Chrismet Morgaray – An archetypical Honorable Ramet’Cha Dragonborn on the surface, he seemingly delights in providing his customers with a unique experience. 

The Pioneer Pub – Rezzet is the purveyor.of this establishment, he sells fine ale specially brewed in his basement, known simply as Rezzet’s Finest. Known to drink his own wares, he is a portly man, prone to anger and plagued with pain. He rents out his spacious accommodation to any who want somewhere to stay and uses that time to engage in whoring and dicing.
Rezzet iz Mizzen ve Zur – A slimeball of a man, Rezzet is known to try and sell anything to anyone with coin. Not well liked but his ale is truly the greatest. Fat, red faced, in constant pain and angry his only redeeming qualities are his ale and Hishari.


{Stables and food – 5gp
Delicacies: Goats cheese, goats milk, mutton, dates, rice, figs, oranges, mustard, porridge, corn, bruun (curry), weithat (stew)
Mead – 3sp
Wine – 8gp
Glass of Wine – 10-20gp


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