Gods of Qa-Vosh

Samuqan – The Sun and Stars. Know as the most powerful god because of what he did to the land, but also as a guide for people, using the stars to help travelers and tell history.
Domain - Light

Sangasu – The Duststorm. Known as a destructive force of nature, but necessary for renewal. It is believed he kidnapped Elutil and forced her to help him make many monsters in Arkhiada.
Domain - Tempest

Naphistim – Lord of the Dunes. People worship him him when ready to. Travel through arkhiada, they thank him for creating hardy people and creatures capable of.living in the dexert. This is where many derive their strength.
Domain - Nature

Mezizi – Sand of Time. All things turn to dust and sand, many are burnt in funeral pyres to honour he who allows life even in the harsh climess. Of the desert. He is the twin brother of Naphistim.
Domain – Life and Death

Lugalme – The Warfire. This goddess is the heat of passion and bloodlust, embodied literally with fire, she is prayed to in times of tragedy but also renewal and consummation and of course, before war.
Domain - War 

Amarazen – The Watchful Eye. She is said to be the one that guided voshi, the city’s founder, to this oasis and pass when the people were lost. Most claim his essence rests in the oasis and so the largest temple belongs to the one who allowed them to live at the oasis’ side. Thus all who wish to take from the waters must pay tithes to the temple. She is the goddess of secrets and sacred knowledge.
Domain – Knowledge

Elutil – Crone Mother. Often depicted as an elderly woman, Elutil is cursed and hated by the Vosheen as the mother of Dune Hags who have long haunted Qa’vosh,especially 50 years ago when her agents poisoned the oasis which is still recovering to this day. Thought to have created most of the monsters, there is no redeeming quality in the people's eyes and it is their hate and fear from which she draws her powers.
Domain – Arcane

Delondra – Twilit Seamstress. This goddess brings woe and false hope, but at the centre of her machinations is the promise of something greater. She is known to test mortals, sometimes out of sadistic humor and sometimes from a desire to help. She is a goddess of hope and risks as well as of woe and illusions.
Domain – Trickery

Gods of Qa-Vosh

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